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Need for Speed Unbound: How to make money fast

Making money is quite important in NFS Unbound, so here are a few tricks to speed up the process

Once you’ve completed the meaty Need for Speed Unbound prologue, you’ll access more events and features in the rich Lakeshore City open world. These allow you to make more money fast, something that’s key as in order to participate in main event qualifying sessions and progress throughout the story you’ll need money.

So, money is particularly important in the game, since you not only need it to afford faster cars and more exciting customization options, but it’s also because it’s also required for main story progression. Without further ado, here are a few tricks to make money fast in Need for Speed: Unbound.

Play all events before returning to the garage – Need for Speed Unbound

Once you’ve completed the prologue, Need for Speed Unbound will organize your gameplay into days over the course of a weekly schedule. Each day features a day and a night version, with the latter rewarding you with more money, but more risk when it comes to beating the police.

Anytime you’re on the road, you need to make sure you have completed all the events on the map before getting back to your garage – doing so resets all the events and sends you to the following day, which means wasting loads of money if you have missed a few races.

High placements – Need for Speed Unbound

The better you perform in a set event, the better it is for your wallet. It’s key that you give it all in any race so you can win it, or stay as close as possible to the winner. The game doesn’t feature a F1 22-like flashback system, but it still comes with a number of resets – 6, 4 or 2 depending on the difficulty level – and those are refilled at the end of the day. Feel free to use them up getting good positions in races.

Betting – Need for Speed Unbound

Something fun in Need for Speed: Unbound is the ability to bet on your chances to beat an opponent of your choice on the grid. Your bet will be more costly – and rewarding – depending on your opponent’s placement throughout the grid. You’ll quickly learn that you’ll need to place your bets on a target you can actually beat: once you’re done with the prologue, you’ll be back to pretty cheap cars, so take it easy and choose someone within your reach, otherwise you’ll end up losing money between your bet and that event’s entry fee.

Let the police chase you – Need for Speed Unbound

This is actually the only money-farming method you really need to know in Need for Speed: Unbound, as you can use it anytime you want and only takes you a couple of minutes or so. Once you’re in the open world, let the police chase you as many times as you can before getting back to an actual event or at your garage to close up a day. Police chases are definitely not challenging at all, as most of the time you’ll get rid of them quickly, but they’ll come with a $250 reward. Unless Criterion Games fixes and rebalances it in time for the full launch, this is a gold mine for players raking up as much money as they can in order to progress throughout the story.