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This might be why you’re overencumbered in Starfield

Check your inventory for this one item in Starfield and watch the weight fall right off

We’ve all been there in a Bethesda game – one minute you’re happily sprinting about and the next you’re bogged down and unable to fast travel because you’re overencumbered.

Starfield carries on this good tradition, giving you plenty of rocks, plants, and space pants to pick up and weigh yourself down with.

But there’s a way you can probably get your weight right down even without investing in the Weightlifting skill.

There’s a good chance you’re carrying Ship Parts, which weigh 10 kg a pop. These go into the “Aid” tab of your inventory, as they’re technically a healing item, but you can only actually use them when piloting your ship.

Make sure you go to your ship’s inventory, which is usually located somewhere in the cockpit, and transfer these over to your ship whenever you pick them up.

If you’re looking to lose a few pounds, this is the best way to do it, and you should do it on the regular if you want to keep your stamina working as intended.

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