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Palworld: How to get Ancient Civilization Parts

How to get Ancient Civilization Parts in Palworld

If you want to craft some of the most advanced things in Palworld, you’re going to need to seek out Ancient Civilization Parts. This rare item is hidden behind some of the toughest fights in the game, and you need a fair few to craft cool items like the Grapple Gun and Pal Sphere Launcher.

We’ll explain how to pick up Ancient Civilization Parts so you can get the very best items Palworld has to offer. Before you can use those parts though, you need to unlock the techs first, so check out our guide on how to earn Ancient Technology Points in Palworld.

How to get Ancient Civilization Parts in Palworld

Palworld Ancient Civilization Part

Ancient Civilization Parts are needed to craft Palworld's best items.

You get Ancient Civilization Parts in Palworld by beating bosses. These bosses include a few different types of enemies.

First is the Pals out in the world with very large health bars. These Pals are typically very large and will be marked on your map when you encounter their spawn location. You will get the Parts by defeating these Pals regardless of whether you catch or KO them, though the amount they drop is random.

The other are the bosses at the end of cave dungeons. These dungeons spawn at set locations but only exist for a limited time before a new one spawns. Each one has a giant Pal at the end that serves as a boss, and defeating it will earn you a random amount of Parts.