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Palworld: all Pal fusions and how to breed them

A list of all fusion Pals and how to breed them yourself

Fusion Pals are a strange breed in Palworld. They are elemental type and design variations on existing Pals, much like the regional forms in Pokémon. The difference in Palworld is that, as well as spawning out in the world, you have a chance to get them through breeding.

We’ll explain how to breed fusion Pals in Palworld, as well as list all of the fusion Pals that exist in the game.

How to breed fusion Pals in Palworld

Palworld Fusion Mau

There are two ways to have a chance of breeding a fusion Pal in Palworld. The first is by breeding two Pals of the same species. When you do this they will usually produce the same species as an offspring, but there is a chance they will produce an egg for their fusion instead.

Second is by breeding the Pal you want with a specific Pal that will result in the fusion. This process was surrounded in a bit of mystery for a while, but it has since been worked out with a full breeding calculator. If you want to know what the optimal pairings are, then check the table below.

If you need to know how to breed Pals in Palworld, check out our guide at that link.

It's worth mentioning that the majority of fusion Pals are also catchable out in the wild, to the point where you might find the fusion form before you find the original. They're usually boss encounters, but some like Mau Cryst can be found in snow biomes or snowy caves.

Several can also hatch from the eggs you find out in the world. Check out our guide on how to hatch eggs in Palworld if you want to know more.

All fusion Pals in Palworld

Here is a full list of every fusion Pal currently in Palworld, and what Pal you need to breed them with to have a chance of getting them in an egg.

Fusion PalBreeding pair

Jolthog Cryst

Jolthog + Pengullet

Mau Cryst

Mau + Pengullet

Gobfin Ignis

Gobfin + Rooby

Hangyu Cryst

Hangyu + Swee

Mossanda Lux

Mossanda + Grizzbolt

Eikthyrdeer Terra

Eikthyrdeer + Hangyu

Incineram Noct

Incineram + Maraith

Leezpunk Ignis

Leezpunk + Flambelle

Robinquill Terra

Robinquill + Fuddler

Pyrin Noct

Pyrin + Katress

Dinossom Lux

Dinossum + Rayhound

Surfent Terra

Surfent + Dumud

Vanwyrm Cryst

Vanwyrm + Foxcicle

Elphidran Aqua

Elphidran + Surfent

Kelpsea Ignis

Only found in Scorching Eggs in the wild

Blazehowl Noct

Blazehowl + Felbat

Relaxaurus Lux

Relaxauras + Sparkit

Broncherry Aqua

Broncerry + Fuack

Reptyro Cryst

Reptyro + Foxcicle

Kingpaca Cryst

Kingpaca + Reindrix

Mammorest Cryst

Mammorest + Wumpo

Wumpo Botan

Wumpo + Cinnamoth

Jormuntide Ignis

Only found in Huge Scorching Eggs in the wild

Suzaku Aqua

Suzaku + Jormuntide

Lyleen Noct

Lyleen + Menasting

Frostallion Noct

Frostallion + Helzephyr