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Palworld: how to increase your catch rate

How to increase your catch rate in Palworld

If there’s one thing that you need to be good at in Palworld, it’s catching Pals out in the wild. Battling them until they’re at low enough health is difficult enough, but it can be heartbreaking for you to do all that work only for it to break out of every ball you throw at it. Palworld has multiple ways to give you a better catch rate though, and you’ll want to employ as many of these tactics as possible in battle.

We’ll explain how to permanently increase your catch rate in Palworld so you can tame even the mightiest of beasts.

How to permanently increase your catch rate in Palworld

Palworld Statue of Power

Statues of Power let you buff you and your Pals.

The first and most obvious way you’ve likely thought of is to craft better Pal Spheres. You can find a few higher-tier spheres out in the wild, but as you progress up the tech tree you’ll be able to craft better spheres that will increase your catch rate significantly. Here’s a quick list of each tier of Pal Sphere from worst to best, and when you can unlock them:

  • Pal Sphere – Level 2
  • Mega Sphere – Level 14
  • Giga Sphere – Level 20
  • Hyper Sphere – Level 27
  • Ultra Sphere – Level 35
  • Legendary Sphere – Level 44
Palworld offering Lifmun Effigies to a Statue of Power

Offering Lifmunk Effigies will give you a permanent catch rate boost.

The better, but trickier, way to go about it is to build a Statue of Power in your base. Here you can offer Pal Souls to boost your Pal’s stats, but you can also offer Lifmunk Effigies to the Statue of Power to permanently increase your catch rate. Lifmunk Effigies are the glowing green statues you can find scattered around the world that look like a Lifmunk – explore all over to find them.

You need more for each upgrade, but doing so will make it easier to catch any Pal out in the wild.