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Palworld: where to find Quivern

Where to find and catch Quivern in Palworld

Quivern is simultaneously one of the cutest and mightiest Pals in all of Palworld. This pure white dragon has an adorable smile and fluffy body that looks perfect to cuddle up to, but it’s also a powerful Dragon-type Pal that can deal some hefty punishment to its foes. It’s no surprise then that it’s pretty rare.

We’ll show you where you can find and catch Quivern in Palworld, both as a boss and a regular spawn.

Palworld Quivern location

Palworld Quivern location

The first place you’ll find Quivern is as a boss spawn in a sealed dungeon on one of the northern islands. We’ve shown its location on the map above, it’s just west of the small desert where Anubis spawns.

To enter its sealed realm all you have to do is walk up to it, but be ready for a fight. As a Dragon-type Pal, Quivern is weak to Ice-type attacks, so bring some strong icy partners with you.

The isn’t the only place it spawns though, as if you head out to the western edge of the map you’ll find No. 2 Wildlife Sanctuary, where Quivern is one of the handful of Pals that can spawn there. Be careful though, as going to the Wildlife Sanctuaries is illegal, and if a soldier there spots you, they will shoot on sight.