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Palworld work suitability: how to tell what jobs Pals can do

Here's what each work suitability icon means in Palworld so you know what jobs Pals can do

A big part of Palworld is putting your Pals to work on your base to help you produce resources and make better equipment for you. However, you can’t just assign any Pal to any job, as each one is only suited to certain tasks. What jobs a Pal can do depends on things like their elemental type and their body shape, but thankfully the game as little icons to indicate what they can do.

We’ll explain what all of these work suitability icons mean so you know how to set up your cute workforce.

Palworld work suitability icons explained

Palworld Lifmunk Paldeck entry


This is a trait typically only held by Fire-type Pals and indicates they can do any job that requires generating heat like cooking or smelting.


This icon means they can work on any fields planting seeds of any crop you’re producing in your base. It’s typically held by Grass-type Pals.


This icon is given to any Pals that have arms, and lets them help you produce goods on any crafting station.


This means they can chop down trees and will be able to work on a logging site. A large variety of Pals have this ability, from small Grass-types, to any Pal with horns.

Medicine Production

This one is more self-explanatory than most. It allows the Pal to work on a Medicine station and produce any concoctions you want.


Another one for Pals with arms, these Pals can transport any produced goods to their appropriate storage space.


Water-type Pals can produce water to help crops grow, as well as make machines like the Crusher and the Mill work.

Generating Electricity

Electric-types can be used to power any of the late-game machines that require electricity to run.


Pals with Gathering can harvest crops when they’ve been produced, allowing a new round to be planted.


These Pals can mine rocks and ore nodes, as well as work in a Stone Pit. Some horned Pals have this ability, but it is mostly Pals with arms that can hold a pickaxe.


Ice-type Pals can give their energy to things like fridges and coolboxes to keep your food fresh for longer.


Any Pal with farming will produce a certain type of item when placed in a ranch. For example, Lamball produces wool and Chikipi produces eggs.