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Palworld: how to defeat Zoe & Grizzbolt

How to defeat the first Palworld boss, Zoe & Grizzbolt

Biggest and baddest bosses in all of Palworld and ones who hide away in their Syndicate Towers. These are a little like raid bosses in other MMOs, as you can take up to four people in to battle a huge and strong opponent. The first of these is Zoe & Grizzbolt, who charge at you with powerful electric attacks but can shoot you from a distance too.

We’ll explain the best strategy to take out this electric pair whether you’re in a party or on your own.

Bring a Ground-type

Starting with the basics, Grizzbolt is an Electric-type Pal, so bringing a Ground-type to the fight will let you deal super effective damage, chipping its health away much quicker than usual. Rushoar and Fuddler are two good options for this. Rushoar roams the overworld on the starting island, while Fuddler is only found in cave dungeons.

Keep your distance

Palworld Zoe

Grizzbolt’s ranged attacks are fairly easy to dodge, but its close-up attacks aren’t. Don’t try and run in to attack with a melee weapon because it won’t go well. Grizzbolt’s melee attacks hit hard and can even stun you if you aren’t careful.

Instead, bring the most powerful bow you can craft along with as many arrows as you can possibly manage to chip away at Grizzbolt’s health alongside your Pal.

Hide whenever possible

The arena for this fight has a series of pillars alongside the edges of the room – use these to your advantage. The pillar will block all of Grizzbolt’s ranged attacks, and while it won’t stop it from advancing on you with a melee strike, weaving in between them will help you avoid it.

Prepare special abilities

Palworld Foxparks Flamethrower

Several early-game Pals have abilities that let them deal tonnes of damage in a short amount of time, and having them in your party will shred through Grizzbolt’s health quickly. Foxpark’s flamethrower harness and Lifmunk’s SMG are two particularly powerful ones, as you can directly control their burst.

These abilities take time to recharge after you’ve used them, so having a few in your party will let you cycle through them to attack more regularly.