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This social link appears later in the game, but is one that can be finished quickly when you have less to do in the evening. However, it can be a difficult one to find and start, and requires a number of other stats in order to talk to him. If you start this link though, it will be a great use of your evenings in the first term and over the summer.

Here is everything you need to know about the Tower social link.

You will have to be level 86 before you can craft Chi You, and have maxed out the Tower Arcana social link by talking to Mutatsu at Escapade. However, it will automatically gain 10 levels thanks to your maxed-out social link.

Chi You is based around dealing heavy physical damage, and is a great addition if the rest of your team is focused on magic users. This is also boosted by Arms Master which halves the cost of all physical moves. It also absorbs or resists all physical damage, and is only weak to Electric attacks.

Here are the moves it learns:

  • Start - Vorpal Blade
  • Start - Invigorate 3
  • Level 89 - Primal Force
  • Level 91 - Absorb Strike
  • Level 92 - Arms Master

The Tower Arcana social link can be started any time after May 14. To initiate it, you must have already reached the Chariot Arcana social link rank 3. After you have reached this, talk to this person, and they will tell you about a drunken monk who hangs out on the top floor of Escapade in Paulownia Mall.

Mutatsu is a drunken monk who hangs out on the top floor of Escapade in Paulownia Mall.

Mutatsu is a drunken monk who hangs out on the top floor of Escapade in Paulownia Mall.

You will need Courage rank 4 in order to speak to Mutatsu. After you speak to him once, you need to go downstairs and talk to the bartender. Then go around the floor and speak to everyone to get their order. The order the bartender asks for the drinks is the same order you ask. The drinks are Margarita, Bloody Mary, Screwdriver, and Oolong Tea.

Mutatsu will be available in Escapade on Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday nights.

It is advised that you bring a Tower persona with you to max out this social link; otherwise, you will have to visit him more than ten times to deepen your bond. The unusual monk will not call you, or talk to you at lunchtime, so it can be hard to determine when your bond will deepen.

If you do not see a dialogue choice listed, then what you choose doesn’t make a difference to progression. The correct dialogue options are:

  • Rank 1 - Choose any.
  • Rank 2 - I don’t need to tell you.
    • What should I call you?
  • Rank 3 - I have no friends.
  • Rank 4 - I’ve always wanted to try that.
  • Rank 5 - I get by.
    • There isn’t.
  • Rank 6 - You should get home.
    • What about your workers?
  • Rank 7 - You probably shouldn’t.
  • Rank 8 - Dad?
    • I don’t need to tell you!
    • You’re just running away.
  • Rank 9 - Choose any
  • Rank 10 - That’s great!