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The loud and violent Kanji is a bit of a wild card and one of your friends and teammates in Persona 4 Golden. As a party member, progressing through his social link will offer useful and often powerful abilities in combat, so you’ll want to make sure you max it out as early as you can.

Here’s everything you need to know about the Emperor Arcana social link.

Odin is a powerful late-game persona, requiring players to be at level 74 to fuse it. You’ll also have to max out the Emperor Arcana social link by growing your friendship with party member Kanji.

Odin’s power is based around Electric-type attacks, but it has a weakness to Fire-type attacks, which are fairly common in the late-game. Players should equip Fire negating accessories if they want to use it. Odin is a powerful Electric-type attacker, also gaining access to Wind abilities, making it fairly versatile in combat.

Here are the moves Odin learns:

  • Start - Ziodyne
  • Start - Magurudyne
  • Level 76 - Wind Amp
  • Level 77 - Regenerate 3
  • Level 78 - Maziodyne
  • Level 80 - Mind Charge
  • Level 81 - Panta Rhei

Unlike some other party member social links, Kanji’s link is not activated automatically. Instead, you’ll have to speak to a female student at the middle staircase at the 2F of the Leaning Building, who’ll mention that Kanji has been threatening people.

After that, you’ll have to find Kanji at the 1F of the Practice Building, where you’ll need to pick a specific dialogue option (listed below) to initiate the social link.

After initiating the social link, Kanji will be available to hang out with on Wednesday, Thursday, Saturday, and Sunday, except on days when it’s raining, during which he’s unavailable. He’s located 1F of the Practice Building on weekdays, and at the North Shopping District on Sundays and holidays.

The last day to increase social link rank for the Emperor Arcana is November 27, so if you want to max out the social link and unlock Odin and Kanji’s ultimate Persona, Rokuten Maoh you’ll have to do it before then.

It’s recommended that players bring an Emperor persona with them to max out this social link, otherwise it could take much longer than necessary to max out the link. Kanji’s link is very easy to rank up, with no requirements outside of spending time together and answering questions the right way.

If you do not see a dialogue choice listed, then what you choose doesn’t make a difference to progression. The correct dialogue options are:

  • Rank 1 - Yes I do.
  • Rank 2 - You just need to change.
  • Rank 3 - Choose any.
  • Rank 4 - Plenty.
    • I’ll go with you.
    • You’re giving him a new one?
  • Rank 5 - It was pretty amazing.
  • Rank 6 - Choose any.
  • Rank 7 - I want to learn too.
  • Rank 8 - You got a warrant?
    • Tell him, Kanji.
  • Rank 9 - How was it?
    • Find more of them.
  • Rank 10 - No choice.