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Fans applaud Sea of Thieves’ first trans character

Meet Marley, of the Merchant Alliance

If you dock at the Galleon’s Grave outpost any time soon, make sure to say “hi” to Marley – Sea of Thieves’ first transgender character. Rare made the announcement about Marley’s news on Twitter and showed a picture of his true self, which fans of the multiplayer game met with unanimous approval and happiness.

“Visitors to Galleon's Grave Outpost may spot that the Merchant Alliance representative Marley has undergone a reinvention of sorts, finally presenting in a way that feels true to himself,” Rare said in the announcement.

Marley is a senior trader with the Merchant Alliance, an organization with a representative in every port, ready to send you on new voyages or trade some sea junk you found for something more valuable. While some small, but vocal sectors of video game fans might be railing against the concept of adding non-cisgender, non-male, non-heterosexual people to games, Rare’s announcement sparked excitement and joy among Sea of Thieves fans.

“Canonical trans rep in SoT from a character who transitioned during live service,” one Twitter user wrote. “Based.”

“Absolutely love it. Happy to have a male on the Merchants Team! Huge W and congrats on your transition Marley!!!

“A person feeling comfortable in ones own skin and being able to express themselves authentically is the best,” another said.

The post’s responses are filled with dozens of variations on that idea, with a few saying how hot Marley is and one or two hoping they can get Marley’s tattoos as a cosmetic later. Twitter user BR1NKof1NSAN1TY summed up the general sentiment and why it matters pretty well in one sentence.

“Really goes to show it doesn't matter what flag you fly. In Sea of Thieves, everyone is welcome on the seas.”