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Pokemon: Every Poke Ball ranked from worst to best

Poké Balls are vital in the world of Pokémon, but not all are created equal

We spend plenty of time picking out our team of Pokémon and customizing all their stats and moves, but we don’t always consider the very first step in the process: actually catching them. There is a massive array of different Poké Balls trainers can choose from when catching their future partners and a variety of attitudes as to what is the right Poké Ball in each situation.

Some people just go for whatever has the highest possible catch rate, others pick something consistent and reliable, and some people pick whatever ball matches the color of the Pokémon they’re trying to catch.

We’ve decided to finally put the argument to bed, ranking all 32 unique Poké Balls that have ever existed in the main series of Pokémon games, taking into account their abilities, usefulness, and overall design.

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