Pokémon Go Celesteela counters: How to defeat the raid boss

Find the best Pokémon to deal with Celesteela
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Celesteela finds its way back to Pokémon Go on April 4, 2024, once more taking up the role of a 5-Star Raid Boss and becoming obtainable as a Shiny for the first time in the mobile game’s history – being a regional Pokémon, though, you’ll only encounter it in the Southern Hemisphere. Its Ultra Best colleague, Kartana, is ruling the Northern Hemisphere.

If you want to catch a Shiny Celesteela from the other side of the globe, you’ll need to get invited to a remote raid by a player inside an eligible area. Keep in mind that your damage will be a little reduced if you’re participating in a battle remotely, so you’ll need to put some extra effort into your preparations.

Celesteela is a Steel- and Flying-type Pokémon, giving you two equally strong options to tackle it: Both Fire- and Electric-type attacks have a 1.6x damage modifier against this boss. Be careful, though: Celesteela has access to Bulldoze, a Ground-type move that could cause you some headaches.

Find the best Pokémon Go Celesteela counters below to finish the opponent off as quickly as you can.

Pokémon Go Celesteela counters: best Pokémon to beat the boss

This list of the best Pokémon Go Celesteela counters won’t feature any Shadow Pokémon, as they are less widely available and more difficult to build than regular forms, which is especially troublesome for newer players. For the Mega Evolutions best suited to support your team against Celesteela, we recommend you to take a look at the extra list below, which details those.

  1. Reshiram (Fire Fang, Fusion Flare)
  2. Thundurus (Therian Forme) (Volt Switch, Wildbolt Storm)
  3. Xurkitree (Spark, Discharge)
  4. Zekrom (Charge Beam, Fusion Bolt)
  5. Heatran (Fire Spin, Magma Storm)
  6. Ho-Oh (Incinerate, Sacred Fire++)
  7. Volcarona (Fire Spin, Overheat)
  8. Darmanitan (Fire Fang, Overheat)
  9. Moltres (Fire Spin, Overheat)
  10. Zapdos (Thunder Shock, Thunderbolt)
  11. Entei (Fire Fang, Overheat)
  12. Chandelure (Fire Spin, Overheat)
  13. Emboar (Ember, Blast Burn)
  14. Electivire (Thunder Shock, Wild Charge)
  15. Magnezone (Spark, Wild Charge)

Pokémon Go Celesteela counters: best Mega Evolutions to support

Here are the best Mega Evolutions to use against Celesteela for both their attack power and their passive damage boost, as stated above.

  1. Mega Blaziken (Fire Spin, Blast Burn)
  2. Mega Charizard Y (Fire Spin, Blast Burn)
  3. Mega Manectric (Thunder Fang, Wild Charge)
  4. Mega Charizard X (Fire Spin, Blast Burn)
  5. Mega Houndoom (Fire Fang, Flamethrower)

Make sure to coordinate with your team so as to field your Mega Evolutions one at a time – this will make sure that the party-wide damage boost they provide isn’t wasted.

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