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Mega Sableye is coming to Pokémon Go on June 29, 2023, as the newest mega evolution. Since you require Sableye Mega Energy to evolve one of your own specimens into Mega Sableye, you’ll first need to participate in mega raids to farm enough of this resource before you can reap the benefits of having this powerful companion by your side.

Mega Sableye is a Dark- and Ghost-type Pokémon, which leaves it with only a single weakness: Fairy-type attacks. That makes picking your counters relatively simple. However, there are some fairly good options that deal neutral damage to it as well, which can help bolster your team just in case you don’t have enough fairies sitting around in your storage.

Pokémon Go: best Mega Sableye raid counters

Here are the best raid counters to Mega Sableye:

  1. Mega Gardevoir (Charm, Dazzling Gleam)
  2. Xurkitree (Thunder Shock, Dazzling Gleam)
  3. Primal Kyogre (Waterfall, Origin Pulse)
  4. Zacian (Hero Forme) (Snarl, Play Rough)
  5. Mega Alakazam (Psycho Cut, Dazzling Gleam)
  6. Togekiss (Charm, Dazzling Gleam)
  7. Gardevoir (Charm, Dazzling Gleam)
  8. Primal Groudon (Mud Shot, Precipice Blades)
  9. Mega Sceptile (Fury Cutter, Frenzy Plant)
  10. Tapu Koko (Volt Switch, Dazzling Gleam)
  11. Mega Blaziken (Fire Spin, Blast Burn)
  12. Mega Tyranitar (Bite, Brutal Swing)
  13. Primarina (Charm, Moonblast)
  14. Sylveon (Charm, Dazzling Gleam)
  15. Tapu Bulu (Bullet Seed, Dazzling Gleam)

We excluded Shadow Pokémon from the list, as they are more difficult and expensive to build and go down more often in battles, requiring even more resources.

Mega Sableye can field the moves Shadow Claw (Ghost) or Feint Attack (Dark) as Fast Attacks and Shadow Sneak (Ghost), Foul Play (Dark), or Power Gem (Rock) as Charged Attacks.

You should be able to defeat Mega Sableye with one raid partner if all of your Pokémon are at least on level 40. A quicker finish will guarantee more rewards, though, so it’s always better to have additional trainers at your side when going into a battle.