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Square Enix is testing FF14 cross-region data center travel

The idea is to make Dawntrail queues less agonizing

Square Enix is holding a limited FF14 cross-region data center travel test ahead of Dawntrail’s launch in a bid to make the MMO game’s queues less troublesome. The test is open to everyone, unless you play on the Oceania data center, in which case, you get to stay on the Oceania data center.

The FF14 cross-region data center travel test starts on March 24, 2024, and runs through the launch of patch 7.0, whenever that is. Square Enix doesn’t have a release date for it just yet, but the plan is for Dawntrail to launch sometime in summer 2024.

Players in the Japanese, North American, and European data centers can travel to the Oceania data center and only to the Oceania center. While in Oceania, your friend list, blacklist, and cross-world linkshell data won’t synch to your lodestone data, and you can’t join community finder recruitments for cross-world linkshells.

Square Enix said in the Lodestone announcement post that you can migrate back to your home data center even after the test ends, but cautioned that you may get stuck for a while depending on how congested the servers are.

That congestion is why Square Enix is holding this test to begin with. The team wants to avoid the same kind of blockage that plagued the game after Endwalker launched in 2021, when demand on servers was so high that players couldn’t get into the game for weeks.

The cross-region data center travel test will function for PC, PS5, PS4, and on Xbox Series X|S, following FF14’s Xbox launch on March 21, 2024.