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Skull and Bones: how to get Fine Ramie

How to get Fine Ramie in Skull and Bones

When making a ship’s sails, there are a variety of materials you can make them out of, and Skull and Bones reflects this, with different ships needing different types of materials. If you’re looking to craft the Padewakang ship blueprint in Skull and Bones then you’ll need to get your hands on Fine Ramie, which isn’t the easiest to locate.

We’ll tell you where you can find Ramie in Skull and Bones and how you can turn it into Fine Ramie for your ship.

Ramie location in Skull and Bones

Arrival at Sainte Anne in Skull and Bones

Ramie is harvested from the East Indies region of the map, specifically, the coast along Zamrud, heading south, has a lot of Ramie harvesting spots, all you need is a Scythe to be able to harvest it. It’s also worth noting that you can mark resource locations on your map (if you’ve already discovered them) by tracking either the recipe you’re trying to create or the recourse itself from the codex.

How to turn Ramie into Fine Ramie in Skull and Bones

Once you’ve gathered enough Ramie, take it to any settlement with a Refiner, and there you’ll be able to pay 3 Silver for every 5 Ramie you want to turn into 1 Fine Ramie.