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Skull and Bones: where to get the Padewakang ship blueprint

Where to find the Padewakang blueprint in Skull and Bones

No matter what you like doing most in Skull and Bones, it would be easier if you had a bigger ship. The small ship you start with is a reliable partner, but it’s not going to take on the toughest challenges the game as to offer – not by a long shot, and the Padewakang is a solid option for your first major upgrade.

We’ll tell you where you can find the blueprint for the Padewakang, and how to build it for your fleet.

Padewakang blueprint location in Skull and Bones

Skull and Bones gameplay

You can find the Padewakang blueprint in the shipwright’s store in Telok Penjarah. The blueprint costs 5280 Silver, and the store can only be accessed once you’re Brigand infamy rank, so you’ll need to level up a bit if you’ve just started out.

Once you’ve bought the blueprint, you can build the ship with the following materials:

  • 19 Ironwood Plank
  • 15 Steel Ingot
  • 15 Fine Ramie
  • 4 Shellac
  • 4 Crude Saltpeter
  • 2880 Silver

Telok Penjarah location in Skull and Bones

Skull and Bones Padewakang location

Telok Penjarah is in the East Indies region of the map. The dock for this area is on the south side of the northmost island in the archipelago, south of Fort Harimau.