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Skull and Bones ghost ship: how to find and defeat the Maangodin

How to find and defeat the ghost ship in Skull and Bones

It just wouldn’t be a pirate game if there weren’t whispers and rumors of a mysterious ship roaming the waters, a ship crewed by those who are no longer among the living: a ghost ship. Skull and Bones is no exception, and if you want to take on the armies of the damned, you’ll need to bring your best weapons and toughest crew for this difficult fight.

We’ll tell you where you can find the Skull and Bones ghost ship, known as the Maangodin, and how best to defeat it.

How to find the ghost ship in Skull and Bones

Skull and Bones ghost ship Maangodin

To locate the ship you’ll need to head to The Oubliette, which is a small outpost where you can dock on an island in the southwest of the Red Isle. There you can talk to the Mysterious Rogue who you can trade with, but mainly offers the “Oceans Apart” contract, which tasks you with defeating the ship.

It will mark an area just west of the island where the Maangodin spawns.

How to defeat the ghost ship in Skull and Bones

The Maangodin is a Level 8 ship, so you need to at least match that if you want any hope of taking it down. However, even then you’ll find that it will be immune to your attacks on most spots of its body.

Instead, at the start of the fight, you’ll need to target the red weak points on the front and back of the ship. After you’ve dealt enough damage to them, the rest of the ship will become vulnerable. From there it will start to unleash more powerful attacks, which you’ll need to learn how to dodge and strike as much as you can with all your weapons. As always, fighting it alongside other pirates will make things easier.