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If you’re going to survive on the hostile island of Sons of the Forest, you’re going to need weapons. There are a host of different weapons in the game, but the majority of them are melee, and you can always feel a bit safer with a ranged weapon in your hands – especially if they’re as powerful as the Revolver. Not to mention, Revolvers are cool-looking weapons, so it’s only natural to want one.

We’ll tell you where you can find the Sons of the Forest Revolver on this massive map.

Sons of the Forest Revolver location

Sons of the Forest revolver location map

The Sons of the Forest Revolver can be found buried on the golf course.

Before you go hunting for the Revolver, you’re going to need to follow our guide on how to get a shovel, as you’ll need to bring that tool with you.

Head to the northeast area of the island and you’ll discover a golf course. Around this course, you’ll be able to enter maintenance hatches that have various resources inside. For the Revolver, you want Maintenance Hatch C, marked with a green circle on your map.

When you first arrive at the golf course you can hop in a golf cart to help you get around, as well as grab the nearby survey equipment that will help you locate the maintenance hatch, as well as any other goodies that may be hidden around the place.

Once you’re in the maintenance hatch, you can grab the revolver off a corpse of an unfortunate worker inside.