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As you set off across Koboh to the old research station you’ll meet a traveler along the way who points you in the direction of an old Jedi temple. These large puzzle rooms are no pushover, but it’s worth pushing through every nook and cranny, as they can offer both cosmetic rewards and a boost to your Force powers.

We’ll guide you through the Chamber of Reason puzzle so you can get all the rewards. If you want to know how to complete other Jedi Temples, check out our guide for the Chamber of Clarity.

Chamber of Reason puzzle solution – Star Wars Jedi Survivor

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STAR WARS Jedi_ Survivor™_20230427145340
STAR WARS Jedi_ Survivor™_20230427145355
STAR WARS Jedi_ Survivor™_20230427145433
STAR WARS Jedi_ Survivor™_20230427150257
STAR WARS Jedi_ Survivor™_20230427145458
STAR WARS Jedi_ Survivor™_20230427145518
STAR WARS Jedi_ Survivor™_20230427145545
STAR WARS Jedi_ Survivor™_20230427145625
STAR WARS Jedi_ Survivor™_20230427145659
STAR WARS Jedi_ Survivor™_20230427145709