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Star Wars Jedi Survivor gives you a bunch of Force powers, but one you’ll end up using sparingly is the Jedi mind trick. This handy ability lets you gently influence people to do what you want, but in Jedi Survivor it isn’t quite as easy as just waving your hand and telling them to do something.

Before a person will do what you want, you’ll need to make an argument to convince them, which means you’ll need to pick a dialogue option. We’ll explain how the Jedi mind trick works in this game and tell you which option to pick when using it on the Senator in the game’s opening.

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Should you pick trust or reward? – Star Wars Jedi Survivor

Star Wars Jedi Survivor mind trick

Thankfully, it doesn’t matter which options you choose. Both options will result in the Senator doing what you want and moving the story forward. This is the same for every instance of the Jedi mind trick in the game, as it’s always a guaranteed success.

It’s a little disappointing that this mechanic isn’t more interesting, but given it’s such a minor mechanic, making it nice and simple stops you from getting bogged down in it.