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Once you’re set free to roam around Koboh for the first time, you should head across the way from Pyloon’s Saloon and take a look in Doma’s Shop. In there, Doma will trade you Priorite Shards for a bunch of different items. Most of these are cosmetic options for Cal, but there is one that will no doubt catch your eye right away, the Mysterious Keycode.

Its name and description tease you, saying it will open the locked door in Doma’s Shop. We’ll let you know the best way to quickly get the item and tell you what the Mysterious Keycode gets you.

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What is behind the locked door in Doma’s shop? – Star Wars Jedi Survivor


First, you’ll need to gather ten Pirorite Shards. You’ll only be able to find them on Koboh, and your best bet is just to wander around and search the small areas. Generally, anywhere on Koboh that is off the beaten path will house either a cosmetic reward or a Pirorite Shard, so it shouldn’t be too tricky to get ten.

Once you do, you can get BD-1 to unlock the door. Doma will thank you for getting the door open and say you can take whatever you want from inside as a reward. In this case, it’s a big chest that will give you an extra health stim, permanently increasing your max capacity.