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Starfield Alternating Currents: should you choose Lousia or Zoey?

Should you give the evidence to Lousia or Zoey during the Alternating Currents Starfield mission?

One of the earliest side quests you’re likely to find in Starfield is Alternating Currents. After helping Louisa investigate the brownouts in The Well, you can seek her out once more to investigate what caused the power outages in the first place. This will lead you to the Trade Authority, and an interesting decision presents itself.

We’ll give you a full Alternating Currents walkthrough, and let you know what happens for each choice at the end.

Alternating Currents walkthrough – Starfield

Starfield Power Socket

You’ll be running all over New Atlantis flipping switches (you may need to use a boostpack for some of them) for Louisa and Zoe as they bicker about how to solve the problem and trace the culprit. After flipping the first switch you’ll be given the choice between 45A and 47B. Neither is wrong, but if you flip 45A, Louisa will feel superior and lead you to the next one, whereas flipping 47B will cause Zoe to do it.

Either way, once you’ve collected the evidence and are on your way back, Zoe will make you an offer. She says she’ll pay you handsomely if you give the evidence to her and let her alter it before handing it to Louisa.

Should you give the evidence to Louisa or Zoe – Starfield

Starfield Zoe Kaminski

It doesn’t make a difference who gets the evidence, either way, you still get the same reward, and we haven’t found any future quest that it impacts. This means it’s simply a roleplaying decision as to whether you want to let Zoe potentially get away with a crime she may or may not have actually committed.