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Starfield: how to unlock Boostpacks

How to unlock and use Boostpacks in Starfield
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You get your first Boostpack very early on in Starfield, and they’re a nice bit of kit that gives you extra protection against the environment and enemies. However, you’ll also find some characters mention that it can act like a jetpack, which is confusing if you haven’t unlocked that ability yet.

We’ll tell you how to use Boostpacks so you can start boosting around the place as early as possible.

These Boostpacks will help you explore a number of places, including the mysterious Temples scattered around the galaxy. Plus, you can complete the Mantis side-quest for one of the game’s best Boostpacks

How to unlock Boostpacks – Starfield

Starfield Boostpack Training Perk

To use a Boostpack, you first have to unlock the Boost Pack Training perk, which is a tier 1 Tech perk, meaning you can spend a skill point to unlock it from your very first level-up.

How to use Boostpacks – Starfield

Starfield Boostpack

Once it’s unlocked and you have one equipped, all you need to do is hit the jump button while already in the air and your pack will give you a burst of upward momentum, perfect for making otherwise unreachable jumps. Your pack has limited fuel that slowly regenerates over time, leveling up the Boost Pack Training perk can slow fuel depletion and increase its regeneration speed. We cover the best Starfield Skills in our dedicated builds guide at that link. 

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