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Starfield FOV: how to change your field of view

How to change your Starfield FOV, even though the game doesn't have a field of view slider
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One of the glaring omissions among Starfield’s many options is the ability to change your field of view. Given that the game’s combat is primarily first-person shooting, many players – especially those on PC – would love a FOV slider to widen their perspective on the world and potentially negate some motion sickness.

There are two ways to go about this, but unfortunately, both only work on PC. You can either do it yourself or download a quick mod from the Nexus. We’ll walk you through both ways to change your field of view in Starfield.

Do it yourself – Starfield FOV

Starfield first person 120 FOV

If you’re willing to play around with some basic files then manually changing your FOV isn’t too difficult. Navigate to your Starfield folder on your PC, which should be under “Documents/MyGame/Starfield” and create a new plain text file there called “StarfieldCustom.ini”. 

Then, enter the following text:


The numbers can be anything you want as long as it is formatted like the above. The top line determines your first-person FOV and the bottom line changes the third-person FOV, boot up your game and the changes should take immediate effect.

Download a mod – Starfield FOV

Starfield third person 100 FOV

If you don’t want to mess around with files yourself (which we sympathize with), then you’ll find that modder hellstorm102 has created the custom Starfield FOV file for you, which you can download and drop in your game folder instead – you can then edit that folder to set the numbers you want.

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