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Prepare your wallets, because Steam Summer Sale 2023 has arrived and is bringing the traditional heat wave of discounts that melts your money-saving resolve away. And who can blame you? Some of the greatest video games of their genres are off by ridiculous amounts like 90% – you can get hundreds of hours of premium entertainment for the price of some snacks. Sayonara, self-control!

With some many fantastic games to choose from, it gets a bit overwhelming. What should you get now, what might be available at a better price in the future, is this game you’ve set your eyes on really that good? Well, worry no longer. Our team combed through the titles on offer and chose the best Steam Summer Sale 2023 games for you to grab between now and July 13, 2023, at a discount.

Maybe not all of them at the same time, though. You’ve got to leave some budget for food.

Celeste, Reflections, Madeline vs Badeline boss fight
Slay the Spire screenshot of a battle.
Overcooked 2 screenshot of someone making a meal.
Undertale screensot of a pixel art library.
The Nonary Games screenshot of characters being surprised.
Monster Hunter Rise weapons explained: Which weapon is right for you - An anime man with a worn face and pointy gray hair is wearing chain mail, a gold necklace, and a second necklace made of large teeth. On his back are two long swords with red leather handles. His expression is grim, but determined
The back end of a white sports car with a large spoiler in Forza Horizon 5.
Dead Cells Return to Castlevania screenshot.
Civilization 6 city under construction
Humankind screenshot with the Pentagon.
Code Vein screenshot of two characters walking in a cave.
Dragon Ball Z Kakarot screenshot of characters flying through air surrounded by fire balls.
Need for Speed Unbound artwork.
Control Ultimate Edition screenshot of a firefight.
Dirt Rally 2.0 screenshot of a car driving over a bumby forest path.
Final Fantasy 7 Remake: Cloud Strife holds his giant buster sword up, pointing towards the camera, ready to strike.
Hades screenshot of Zagreus standing in front of a huge portal.
Steam Deck hardware detail

If your entertainment budget is already spent, then you can still play the best free Steam games with your friends without paying a dime.