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Final Fantasy

Final Fantasy is a Japanese RPG series from Square Enix. Originally released in 1987 as a hail mary for the company, it popularized the genre and cemented many aspects of it. 

The series has remained fresh through the years by wildly reinventing the game from entry to entry. 

Each mainline Final Fantasy game features a new world, new characters, and a fresh combat system. 

The binding agent between these games is a series of identifying markers. Rideable creatures called Chocobos appear in every game, alongside Moogles, which usually act as merchants.

Each game also features a character called Cid, and players are able to access magical spells and summon mythological creatures such as Ifrit and Shiva. 

Occasionally the series switches genres entirely. Final Fantasy 14 is an MMO, while Final Fantasy Tactics is a strategy game. 

Some entries in the series also have direct sequels that continue their stories, and others have had entire remakes that offer a new spin on a classic story.