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The Steam Xbox Publisher Sale 2023 is on right now, offering some of the best video games from Microsoft’s games division up at great prices. Steam’s sales events are always fantastic opportunities to get awesome titles at unbeatable discounts, so anyone on a budget should do themselves a favor and check out what’s on offer.

With the mass of games available on Steam, however, this can be a little bit overwhelming – too much choice might be a luxury problem, but it’s a problem nevertheless. That’s why our team has come together to pick out some of the best games to pick up at a discount during the Steam Xbox Publisher Sale 2023.

Best games to get in Steam Xbox Publisher Sale 2023

Two armies of knights clash in Age of Empires 4.
Rise of Nations Extended Edition screenshot.
Ori and the Blind Forest screenshot.
Psychonauts 2 screenshot.
Costume Quest 2 screenshot.