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Super Mario RPG: Forest Maze hidden treasure location and reward

Here's how to find the secret treasure room in Super Mario RPG's Forest Maze

Super Mario RPG is out now for the Nintendo Switch, and it’s a pretty fantastic (and faithful) remake of the original Super Nintendo game. Much like the original game, the Switch version is packed with secrets, riddles, and puzzles to solve, and some of these can offer quite good rewards.

One of these puzzles is the Forest Maze, which first has you following Geno to add him to your party. After returning to Rose Town, though, if you’re honest, you’ll learn of a secret treasure hidden in the Forest Maze — and all you have to do is follow some simple directions.

This guide will tell you how to get to the Forest Maze’s secret treasure room, and what rewards you’ll get for finding it.

Super Mario RPG: Forest Maze secret treasure room location

You’ll first learn of the secret treasure room in Forest Maze after returning to Rose Town. In Rose Town, there’s an NPC whose house holds some not-so-secret treasures, and being the menace you are, you’ll naturally take them. The owner of these goods will come back to ask you what happened to them, and if you’re honest about your misdeeds, he’ll give you a hint:

Enter the forest. When you hit an area with four paths, go left, left, straight, right – in that order.

A toad gives Mario a hint in Super Mario RPG.

The hint is fairly simple, but you'll have to think about your perspective

When you return to the Forest Maze, following those directions is pretty easy, as long as you consider the perspective. You’ll have to turn in the directions that make sense from Mario’s perspective — for example, if Mario is in the top-right, going left would actually mean going to the bottom right.

Simply follow these directions from Mario’s perspective – again, that’s left, left, straight, right – and you’ll come across a tree stump pipe. Hop down the pipe to claim your rewards.

Super Mario RPG: Forest Maze secret treasure room rewards

After all this fussing about, you’d think the rewards in the Forest Maze secret treasure room would be very good, but they’re actually pretty average, all things considered. You’ll find a host of treasure chests to bop with your head, and in most of them will just be instant healing items.

Here’s the full list of rewards:

  • 3 Mushrooms
  • 1 Flower
  • 1 Frog Coin

The Frog Coin is really the only thing of note here, as it will allow you to buy some of the best equipment and weapons in Super Mario RPG. The instant healing items are fine, especially since you may run into enemies on the way, but they are pretty easy to dodge and at this point, you’ll probably be defeating them in one turn anyway.

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