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Genshin Impact: Arlecchino revealed for update 4.6

Another Harbinger is coming home
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HoYoverse has officially revealed Arlecchino as a playable character coming to Genshin Impact in update 4.6. She’ll be the third Fatui Harbinger joining the roster after Tartaglia and Wanderer – and we didn’t even have to fight her for the privilege, as all of our encounters with her during the story events in Fontaine have been peaceful and civilized so far.

Arlecchino is going to control the Pyro element and will wield a polearm, according to early reports from the upcoming version's tests – a classic combination of element and weapon type that will immediately feel familiar to players with prominent examples like Hu Tao and Xiangling belonging to the game’s strongest characters. Naturally, the Harbinger is going to be a 5-Star character. Though aligned with the Cryo Archon now, Arlecchino is from Fontaine originally, which means that we can expect her to feature HP-based mechanics similar to many other characters from the region.

Genshin Impact Arlecchino artwork.

Save your Primos, because The Knave is coming.

Here are the official lore tidbits on Arlecchino:

To this day, Arlecchino still recalls that night when she was first appointed as a Harbinger. Up the stairs and down the long gallery, with naught to see through the windows but a world of ice and snow without end. The biting wind wailed loudly, now as mirthful laughter, now as somber farewell.

With a start, Arlecchino came to, the hallucinations of her memory mingling with the sounds of real-life conversation that surrounded her. The hearthfire burned with vigor, its gentle warmth pervading the room, and its red light glowed on the children's faces, lighting up their innocent, unaffected smiles. If some uninformed passerby were to stumble in at this precise moment, they would surely mistake the scene before them for that of an ordinary, happy family.

But just as Arlecchino raised her steaming cup to take a sip of scalding-hot black tea, the clock began to chime — and within an instant, the laughter and cheer that filled the room were banished. The flames flickered so that for a moment the light faltered, the faces of all present cast in somber expression.

Placing her cup back down, Arlecchino stood up, and in a calm, measured tone, called out several names: "Chapleau, you're with Lyney. Retrieve the required intelligence. Foltz, you and Filliol are on guard duty. Stay back and tend to the Hearth..." "Yes, 'Father.'" Without a redundant syllable, nor a hint of hesitation, they answered as one.

Not long after, the fire had dwindled and the house fallen utterly silent, with nothing to be seen but a single shaft of infiltrating moonlight, peeking through a gap in the curtains upon a cup of gradually cooling tea.

"Fate grants favors to no one. Only those who would fight it with every ounce of their being may earn the right to challenge it." — Pierro, "The Jester"

Before Arlecchino joins the roster, players can pull for Chiori from the update 4.5 banners.

Update 4.6 is expected to launch on April 24, 2024.