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The best survival horror games ever

These survival horror games are perfect to glue you to the edge of your seat
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The survival horror genre is going through a renaissance now, carried by the strength of recent Resident Evil games and the reinvigoration of the indie scene after the release of Hideo Kojima’s PT. These games made it clear that there is still a strong market for survival horror, and the industry is now blossoming.

This genre has a dedicated community, and that’s because of the incredible games that have been launched over the years – games that haunt the minds of those who play with dense atmosphere and environments that you’re forced to put to memory. For a creepy horror romp that will stay with you after you put down the controller, make sure to play through the games on this list of the best survival horror games of all time.

pt kojima
silent hill glhjf
layers of fear
the quarry
The Dead Space remake apparently has a new ending: A man in a metal suit, with a long metal mask that has three horizontal slits through which blue light emanates, is standing in the middle of a narrow corridor. The corridor is lined with pipes and cables
Resident Evil 4 Remake ket art