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The Finals tips and tricks to help your team walk away victorious

The Finals is a chaotic competitive shooter, so we'll help you come away on top with these tips

The Finals is a unique competitive shooter, full of fast-paced action. It can take a bit of time to get used to everything on offer, with the myriad of movement options, the array of weapons, and the overall chaos that can ensue when you fight an enemy team.

The goal is for your squad of three to get your hands on the cash vaults, deliver them to the dropoff points, and defend it long enough to cash in your points. Alternatively, you could always let another team do the hard work for you and steal the drop at the last minute.

There are all sorts of tactics and character builds on offer, so we’ll give you some tips to keep you going.

The Finals competitior in front of a billboard
The Finals competitor in shadow
The Finals armed competitor in front of a barrier
The Finals explosion in an alley
The Finals shooting down an alley