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While Total War: Pharaoh comes with the option of random start positions – a first for the series –, every character and their corresponding faction still has a standard location to begin the game in when you’re not playing a customized session.

Of course this is of immense importance to your campaign: Different locations will offer a variety of resources to exploit that could make your economic situation easier or more difficult. In Pharaoh, you must also consider that many of the units you can recruit are based on the region you’re in, so your starting location has a great impact on what your armies are going to look and play like. Finally, each location will enable you to fight different types of enemies early on, so that’s another very important aspect of your experience.

As Creative Assembly is revealing more and more details about the game, the Total War: Pharaoh start positions also become known one by one – we’re collecting them all here so you can check out where your favorite faction usually starts the game from.

Total War: Pharaoh – all start positions

Total War: Pharaoh Ramesses start position.
Total War: Pharaoh Tausret start position on a map of Egypt.

We’ll update this article with more start positions as they become available.