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Total War: Pharaoh factions – all leaders and play styles

Learn more about the factions of Total War: Pharaoh
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Total War: Pharaoh leads Creative Assembly’s strategy game series into a new and exciting era: the Bronze Age Collapse. This was a period of intense social, economic, and military change. A total of eight factions from three different cultures will be available to play in the base game.

You can seek to claim the Pharaoh’s divine authority as Ramesses, Seti, Tausret, or Amenmesse, compete for the Hittite throne as Kurunta or Suppiluliuma, or fight for independence as the Canaanites Bay or Irsu.

Total War: Pharaoh key wrt showing Ramesses III. as Pharaoh.

Ramesses is the game's poster boy, but it has more to offer than him.

Total War: Pharaoh’s map will span all the way from Egypt in the south to Anatolia in the north, where the Hittite empire’s heartlands are. Sandwiched between these two superpowers of the time are the Canaanites in the Levante, whose lands more often than not end up being used as the battlefield for the armies of the Pharaoh and the Great King.

Here’s everything you need to know about Total War: Pharaoh’s factions, their leaders, and how they play.

Total War: Pharaoh factions

It’s worth noting that the game’s Deluxe Edition contains three DLC packs adding new factions to the game, so the eight leaders in the base game are merely a starting point.

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