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The best video game board games to play in 2023

Board games are more popular than ever, so if you're trying to find the right one for you, these ones based on video games could be for you

No matter how big the digital gaming market gets, it will never kill off board games. In fact, over the past decade or so, tabletop gaming has grown more than ever, becoming a thriving hobby in its own right. Sitting down with some friends and playing a board game is such a different experience from sitting in an online lobby together, but one that can create just as many memorable moments.

If you’re a video gamer wanting to get into the hobby, or a seasoned board gamer trying to lure over your friends, it can be useful to go with what you know. Plenty of video games have board games based on them, but they can often be a little hit-and-miss in terms of quality. We’ve gone through and picked out the very best that manage to adapt the games they’re based on in a way fans will appreciate, while still appealing to veteran board gamers.

The Binding of Isaac Four Souls The Board Game
Minecraft Builders & Biomes
XCOM The Board Game
Bloodborne the Board Game
Sniper Elite The Board Game
Assassin's Creed Brotherhood of Venice
This War of Mine The Board Game
Talisman Kingdom Hearts Edition
Skyrim The Adventure Game
Stardew Valley The Board Game