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Spirits of Edo provides players with six eligible bachelors to choose from, including Genjuro Kuga, the stoic protector of Edo’s Castle Town. If you want to romance Kuga, then you have to know how to say the right things so that he falls in love with you. Then of course there is the all-important Affection or Sorrow ending choice.

Kuga’s route is one of the first routes you should try to complete. Getting the Affection ending for Kuga is required to unlock Tomonari’s route, and subsequently Ohtaro’s route. While only Kuga’s route is required to unlock these two, we recommend you also complete Tojo, Kinji, and Yoichi’s routes before completing Tomonari and Ohtaro’s routes to avoid spoilers.

Your choices during the common route don’t affect who’s route you will end up on, so feel free to speak to people in any order you like. The only decision that matters in this first part is the choice to join Castle Town. Once you do this you will be locked into choosing between Kuga and Yoichi’s route.

Kuga’s Route: Castle Town choices

Winters Wish Kuga CG 2

Here are all the choices that raise your affection with Kuga in the Castle Town route.

  • (W- What should I do…?!)
    • Decline the offer - Yoichi
    • Have him buy some - Kuga
  • (I have to tell him how I really feel…)
    • I’m prepared - No change
    • I don’t know - Kuga
  • At the answer I finally received, I thought…
    • Isn’t that a contradiction?! - Yoichi
    • … Really? - No change
  • (In that case…)
    • Let’s have fun - Yoichi
    • Let’s keep watching - Kuga
  • I answered the question honestly.
    • This is the only option - Yoichi
    • I’m just doing what I can - Kuga

If you want to play Kuga’s route you need to make every choice that raises his affection. You can choose either option if there isn’t one specifically for Kuga, as long as Kuga’s affection is higher than Yoichi’s.

Kuga’s Route options

winters wish kuga CG 1

Here are the choices you have to make in order to get the Affection or the Sorrow endings for Kuga.

  • (It makes sense for him to think that since he’s a Vessel, but…)
    • Like a tool? - No change
    • You’re okay with that? - Kuga
  • Even though Kuga couldn’t see the color of their Threads, he also noticed something was wrong here.
    • Chase after him - No change
    • Tell Genjiro - Kuga
  • Yes?
    • Because you were pretty - Kuga
    • Because I didn’t want to get in the way - No change
  • I wasn’t about to hesitate. After coming all this way I only had one option.
    • Hide your face - No change
    • I’ll get out! - Kuga (unlocks CG)

Before the next decision you should create a save, as this is where you choose the Affection or the Sorrow endings. You can then go back and see the other ending. Whichever ending you choose, you will need to have high affection with Kuga, or you will get the low affection ending, which doesn’t contain any CGs.

Here are the choices for the different endings:

  • Or maybe I should talk about the dream Mitsu had…
    • More positive topic - Sorrow ending
    • Talk about her dream - Affection ending