XDefiant Best Guns: Best weapon in every category

These are the guns you need to win matches in XDefiant.

XDefiant is a competitive shooter, and that means you need to stay ahead of your foes. If you want to do that, you’ll need the best weapons and strategies available to you. You’ll need to chat to your teammates to figure out the best strategy, but we know which guns are the strongest and most effective in XDefiant.

Below we’ve chosen the best weapon of each type in XDefiant, so if you want to play as a long-range sniper or speedy SMG spreader, we’ve got the weapons you need. For more, read our full XDefiant review and check out our XDefiant FAQ.

Best Assault Rifle, ACR 6.8 – XDefiant

The ACR 6.8 is the best AR to use for engagements at longer ranges, while still doing great damage to any enemies that are a bit closer, all while feeling very similar to the default M4A1. An easy choice.

Get 10 Assault Rifle Longshot Kills in order to unlock the ACR 6.8.

Best SMG, MP7 – XDefiant

It spits bullets fast, does great damage, and doesn’t have a tiny clip. On balance, this just might be the best SMG: it kills just as fast as any other SMG, and doesn’t have any major drawbacks. Obviously it’s best used at close-range, but the MP7 is incredibly reliable. Though the P90 is there if you demand more ammo for your clip.

Get 20 SMG Point-Blank Kills to unlock the MP7.

Best Shotgun, M870 – XDefiant

The M870 is the default shotgun, and it’s great. It doesn’t shred through enemies quite like the Double Barrel – which is always an option, if you know you’re going to land those shots – but the M870 is far more reliable, has more shots per clip, and can still take down enemies in one or two well-placed shots. Worth considering, just don’t rely on hipfire alone.

Best LMG, M249 – XDefiant

Another weapon unlocked by default, the M249 has loads of ammo per clip if you’re using the belt system, but you can shed that for extra mobility and a faster reload speed. This is a great weapon for an all-out assault playstyle, allowing you to keep foes at bay. 

Best Marksman Rifle, SVD – XDefiant

The SVD does the most damage out of the two marksman rifles, though both are capable of downing enemies in just two well-placed shots. Definitely recommended, especially since most maps don’t call for the long-range sniper shots.

Get 15 Marksman Rifle Longshot Kills to unlock the SVD.

Best Sniper, TAC-50 – XDefiant

This weapon will one-shot kill any opponent as long as you hit their body or head, no questions asked. What more could you want?

Get 10 Sniper Rifle One-Shot Kills to unlock the TAC-50.

Best Pistol, M9 – XDefiant

The best pistol is actually the default, the M9. Hey, it’s great if you fire it fast enough – it certainly can kill enemies – but more importantly, it offers the best mobility of any pistol. The main use for your secondary weapon, realistically, is to wield while you run around the map for increased movement speed, thus, mobility makes this the king.

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