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Age of Empires 4: The Sultans Ascend release date and details revealed

The Japanese and Byzantines join the fight
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The upcoming Age of Empires 4 expansion, The Sultans Ascend, will be released on November 14, 2023, for PC and Xbox Series X|S and will become available for free on Xbox Game Pass – and it comes with a huge chunk of content tailored to make fans happy.

The Japanese and the Byzantines are set to celebrate their Age of Empires 4 debuts in this pack and if you know anything about the Age of Empires community, then you’ll know that it’s basically obsessed with these two cultures. Getting them both in one expansion is an incredible piece of news for players of the real-time strategy game.

Now, that doesn't have much to do with any sultans, though, right? Indeed. This strange name for the expansion comes from the new campaign it contains, which will feature eight missions focusing on the Crusades – and those did have sultans.

Age of Empires 4 The Sultans Ascend artwork.

For a price of just $14.99, The Sultans Ascend add a ton of content to Age of Empires 4.

The developers are doing something extremely cool and exciting in this context: Aside from the two brand-new civilizations, they are giving us four variant civilizations. How exactly they will be different from their original versions is still unclear right now, but in essence The Sultans Ascend will double the amount of playable factions in the game.

These variant civilizations will provide fresh versions of the four original factions included in Age of Empires 4: The Abbasid Dynasty, Chinese, French, and Holy Roman Empire.

In addition, the expansion features ten new multiplayer map designs and two fresh biomes to serve as battlefields.

A landmark building and some samurai units for Age of Empires 4’s Japanese were already revealed earlier. Now we’ve got confirmation that Shinobi will be a special unit for the Japanese, serving as spies and assassins. The Byzantines will continue their Roman legacy by building networks of aqueducts and cisterns. They can also harvest a new resource and will be able to hire mercenaries for their armies.

You can watch the trailer below:

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