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Atomic Heart, which launched in February 2023 to mixed critical receptions, is reportedly getting a sequel. Alexey Makarenkov, a Russian YouTuber, asked developer Mundfish about its plans for Atomic Heart 2 for a recent video, which the studio unexpectedly answered in a very decisive and clear manner: Atomic Heart 2 is already in the planning stage (thanks, DualShockers).

The first-person shooter and open-world RPG hybrid is also set to receive at least four pieces of DLC expanding its world, according to the Season Pass the developer is selling for the game.

The reception of Atomic Heart wasn’t only controversial due to its gameplay, but also because of the title’s themes and content as well as the developer’s Russian origins.

The Ministry of Digital Transformation of Ukraine has officially asked Microsoft, Sony, and Valve to ban the sale of Atomic Heart from their platforms for heavily featuring the Soviet Union, the KGB, and Russian military themes, calling it a “brand new level of Russian digital propaganda”.

Mundfish itself, which is owned by Russians and has offices there despite officially maintaining its headquarters on the island of Cyprus, added fire to the controversy around its game by refusing to condemn the barbaric and illegal Russian invasion of Ukraine. Instead, the studio released vague statements of being “non-political” and “pro-peace” in a pretty transparent attempt not to upset its Russian backers.

Mundfish has also been accused of harvesting data from its store for Russian security services and having ties to energy giant Gazprom, all of which the company has denied. Atomic Heart’s composer, Mick Gordon, decided to donate his earnings from the game to the Red Cross Ukraine Crisis Appeal, distancing himself from Mundfish’s statements about the war.

It seems like this controversy hasn’t hurt the game’s sales, seeing how a sequel seems to be in preparation already. According to Makarenkov’s video, Mundfish will also release figures about Atomic Heart’s sales numbers soon, though they weren’t ready to talk to him about the specifics yet.