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Avowed gameplay deep dive reveals more combat, class system and companions

Closer to The Outer Worlds than we thought

Obsidian Entertainment has revealed more details about Avowed with an extended look at gameplay in its deep dive video. The 25-minute video gives fans a new look at the gameplay opportunities presented to them on Shatterscarp, an island in Eora. The player character is described to be an envoy for the Aedyrian Empire. Being a representative of the Emperor, the player has been sent to investigate the spiritual plague.

Avowed, much like Obsidian’s previous RPG The Outer Worlds, will feature large open zones for exploration. The game is confirmed to feature swimming as a mechanic and will include a significant amount of side content that might be missable for players on a first playthrough.

Like The Outer Worlds, Avowed is set to have multiple companions for the player to forge connections with. These characters will also help the player during combat, with the gameplay deep dive showcasing the abilities of Kai and Giatta. As users progress through the game, more companions will join their party, opening up new gameplay opportunities.

Avowed from a first-person perspective -- the player aims a sword into the gaping mouth of a bear infected with some kind of alien fungus.

Avowed offers a flexible combat system.

“They’re your allies – in some ways your advisors, your local guides,” said Avowed game director Carrie Pate in a post on Xbox Wire. “They provide a lot of additional commentary and context that reveals something about their character, but also about the corner of the world you’re exploring.”

For combat, players can dual-wield a variety of weapons while progressing through a flexible skill tree. Players will also be able to use their elemental abilities outside of combat to affect their environment and unlock new areas. These elemental abilities won’t just be exclusive to magic users, as certain weapons found in the world may induce elemental damage. Enemies come in a variety of roles, with the player having to change their strategy to get around brutes, healers and ranged weapon users differently. 

“We wanted to be able to grab as many abilities from the trees as possible – and categorize them a little bit differently so that the player doesn‘t feel locked into a single choice at the start of the game,” said gameplay director Gabe Paramo. “They can mix and match between different abilities to get some variety. You can commit to being a fighter, but it’s not an enforced class setup."

Avowed releases in Fall 2024 on PC, Xbox Series X|S consoles and Xbox Game Pass.