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Azur Lane devs fuse Genshin Impact and Palworld in new game

Now that’s a potent combination
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Manjuu Network Technology, the developer of popular gacha game Azur Lane, revealed its latest project, Azur Promilia, with an announcement trailer and twelve minutes of gameplay footage. In this game coming to PC, PS5, iOS, and Android, elements from popular titles such as Palworld and Genshin Impact seem to be fused together.

Officially, Azur Promilia is called a “creature companionship fantasy world RPG” – and that’s an apt description for what the gameplay footage is showing. We can see a player move around a lush landscape full of fantastical creatures, most of which are neutral and some of which appear to be hostile. The player has access to anime-inspired characters, which seem to have affinity with different elements, such as lightning and water. However, it’s not just this character who is moving around on the map and fighting – a creature companion is doing those same things.

Azur Promilia logo on white background.

Azur Promilia is the newest project by the devs of Azur Lane.

In addition to fighting alongside the player, these companions seem to serve as mounts on the ground as well as in the air and can even harvest resources on the map – hence that Palworld comparison. We see the player discover a rich mineral vein, around which they build a camp. They then assign one of their companions to work in this camp, continuing their adventure with another creature at their side in the meantime.

Among the items found in the world appear to be the eggs of creatures, indicating that some sort of hatching or even breeding feature may be included.

Aside from these temporary work camps, players seem to be able to make more permanent homes as well, where they can plant and harvest crops.

The official description for Azur Promilia reads:

Azur Promilia is a fantasy world RPG with creature companionship. Step into a fantasy world, utterly different from the world you know. The world of various civilizations, magic and incredible fantasy creatures, together with tales echoing in the starry sky. Take a daring leap from the sky into the ocean, to once again encounter and bond with new life. Guided by shooting stars, amid the sparkling constellations, this is your very own journey. The entire universe eagerly anticipates the ballad of stars and odyssey, exclusively yours to unfold.

A release date has not been announced, but pre-registration on the official website is open.