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Players are breaking Baldur’s Gate 3 with Gale’s dead body

No one can escape the wizard’s magical explosion

Larian made Baldur’s Gate 3 a flexible enough CRPG to deal with some deranged player choices, but some folks are pushing BG3 to its limits with Gale’s dead body. A thread on the Baldur’s Gate 3 subreddit called “Gale’s death can reach you from hell” outlines a handful of scenarios where some very specific actions defy the game’s logic and force you into a game over state (thanks, PC Gamer).

It starts with Gale, dead. Normally, the Netherese orb in his chest explodes after a few long rests if you don’t revive him. You and your team get caught in the blast, and it’s back to the start menu for the lot of you. Redditer ThePawn08 said they tried sending Gale to hell – literally, to Raphael’s House of Hope in the first circle of hell.

The method itself is very specific and not something you usually see happen. ThePawn08 didn’t trigger a scene with Raphael in Act 1, something that normally happens in the Underdark or just north of the Blighted Village. They went on to a different area, so Raphael appeared in their camp, where they murdered Gale and stuck him in Raphael’s pocket – y’know, totally normal stuff.

Raphael didn’t notice the dead wizard in his pants and went on his merry way. Despite Gale being in Avernus and very far away from everyone else, BG3 reacted as if he blew up in camp once Raphael left. Apparently, no one at Larian expected players to smuggle a Gale bomb into hell and didn’t program an outcome for it.

It’s a fringe case, but two more Reddit users found additional instances where BG3 just can’t handle Gale. UraniumDiet said they saw someone do the same thing with AuntiEthel, and the game over screen flashed after Ethel left with Gale. Misaka9882 said they sent dead Gale to the dinosaur jungle via Akabi the angry djinni at the Circus of the Last Days, and they still got a game over.

Bizarre though the scenarios may be, it’s actually a little surprising that Larian didn’t write around them. After all, this is the same game that, before BG3 Patch 5, let you turn Minthara into a sheep so you could rescue her in Act 2 without harming civilians, and it doesn’t get much more niche than that.