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This Baldur’s Gate 3 player solved Gortash’s mommy issues in one move

Like mother, like son (both dead)

One inventive Baldur’s Gate 3 player devised a way to solve Gortash’s mom problems in one swoop, and that swoop involved using her to kill him. Reddit user Syntactics2411 posted a 15-second clip on Reddit showing their unusual, but effective, method, which went over a treat with commenters (thanks, PC Gamer).

Syntactics first had to kill Gortash’s mother, Sally Flymm. That sounds harsh, but Sally sort of wants you to do it anyway. Gortash infected her with a tadpole, but her consciousness lingers on so she’s aware of something controlling her – and is powerless to stop it, and you get the option to “end her misery” several times.

That also sounds harsh, but to be fair, she and her husband did sell Gortash to cover their debts. No wonder he ended up with a complex.

Anyway, with Sally safely – or, not so safe really – ensconced in Karlach’s pocket, Syntactics confronted Gortash in the Wyrm’s Rock ceremonial hall. They dropped Gortash’s HP to 16, and then on Karlach’s turn, she pulls out Sally, hurls her at Gortash, and the princely pretender dies.

Even with Karlach’s new ending, the Tiefling barbarian never quite gets proper vengeance against Gortash for what he stole from her, though this is certainly one way to go about fixing that problem. What makes it even more memorable is that Sally glitches out and stands up as if she’s alive, right before Jaheira gains inspiration.

“You're a monster in the best possible way,” one Reddit user commented.

“A unique case of both of them deserving it,” another said, and it’s hard to argue with that.

It's not the first time players have gotten creative with corpses. Recently, several players broke the game with Gale's dead body and a mistimed explosion.