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Baldur’s Gate 3 has reached “way over” ten million players

That’s the most precise number we got so far
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Though Baldur’s Gate 3 has massively exceeded the expectations of developer Larian Studios and pretty much everyone else with its immense success last year, we don’t actually have any precise sales numbers for the CRPG aside from the fact that 2.5 million units were sold during Early Access – which is already quite the feat. With the game continuing to hang around the top of Steam’s bestsellers and getting launches on PS5 and Xbox Series X|S in the meantime, that number must have grown considerably.

Thanks to Larian’s Michael Douse, the studio’s director of publishing, we at least have a general range of Baldur’s Gate 3 sales now, though. In a series of posts regarding the current row about mod support in the game, he mentioned that Baldur’s Gate 3 “is a game that went from [around] two million players to way over ten [million] in a very short space of time.”

BG3 artwork showing Astarion, Shadowheart, Lae'zel, Gale, and Wyll.

Baldur's Gate 3 deservedly swept up most of 2023's Game of the Year awards.

Estimates of Baldur’s Gate 3’s sales have been anywhere from 7.5 to 20 million units by various services, sites, and experts, so it’s good to finally have a somewhat official number to go by – even though “way over ten million” isn’t the most precise figure. Still, it comes from an authority that has to be in the know, making it a more reliable number than anything else out there.

That success, as Douse wanted to illustrate by sharing that range of sales, came at a price for Larian: Though a majority of the Baldur’s Gate 3 community is positive and supportive, as usual there is a minority of troublemakers – a fact that becomes inevitable with player numbers in that category. At the moment, that vocal minority of “bad eggs,” as Douse called them, is making a big stink due to Larian not yet having shared plans for mod support on all platforms.

Douse said that the team would share updates on that soon and that it worked on official mod support since launch. He added: “As always, we’ll discuss it in our way with our community. Threats and toxicity against our devs and community teams will only harm the conversation. Please stop that.”