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Beyond Good & Evil Anniversary Edition released by mistake was unfinished

Ubisoft says it’s “not indicative of the final game”
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Beyond Good & Evil fans worldwide are letting out a sigh of relief at this piece of news: The title’s Anniversary Edition, which was released earlier today for some Ubisoft+ subscribers by mistake, was “an early development version” that “is not indicative of the final game,” according to Ubisoft. Why is this good news? Because it very much looked like an unfinished product in some of those screenshots floating around and would not exactly have been a great celebration of the original.

Ubisoft stated that more on the 20th Anniversary Edition would be revealed in early 2024, which is also the time window it will launch in, and has apologized for all the confusion caused by the erroneous release of that early build.

Beyond Good & Evil 20th Anniversary Edition cover.

A freshened up Jade.

“As we celebrate the 20th anniversary of Beyond Good & Evil, our commitment to delivering a game that meets the high expectations of our fans is unwavering,” Ubisoft continued.

Beyond Good & Evil came out in 2003 for PC, Xbox, PS2, and Nintendo GameCube. Following the investigative reporter, spy, assassin, and martial artist Jade on her mission to uncover an alien conspiracy, the action-adventure combines puzzle-solving, photography, and combat. It’s considered to be one of the best games ever produced, which was quite a twist of fate after an early version was not well received, which prompted a variety of reworks and overhauls. After launch, the title was not considered to be a commercial success.

A sequel has been worked on since 2016 and was officially announced in 2017 about which information is so sparse that its continued development has repeatedly been doubted. The game’s creator, Michel Ancel, left Ubisoft in 2020.

In 2020, Netflix announced a movie adaptation of the game, but nothing has been heard about that ever since then either – quite on brand, one might say.