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Call of Duty Black Ops reportedly returns in 2024

Set during the Gulf War
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It looks like Call of Duty 2024 will be another entry into the Black Ops series with development helmed by Treyarch. This has been reported by WindowsCentral based on “multiple sources familiar with Activision’s plans” and would confirm rumors regarding the upcoming first-person shooter that have been floating around for a while.

The as-yet untitled Black Ops game, which will be the sixth of this particular line, will take place during the Gulf War, according to the report. It will seemingly focus on the CIA and the US’ role in the conflict.

Black Ops is the Call of Duty's most successful sub-series after Modern Warfare.

Black Ops is the Call of Duty's most successful sub-series after Modern Warfare.

Beginning in August 1990 and ending in January 1991, the Gulf War saw a US-led coalition force liberate Iraq-occupied Kuwait during Operation Desert Shield and Operation Desert Storm. This intervention, unlike later US military adventures in the region, had broad international support. It’s regarded as the first televised war with reports directly from the frontlines being broadcasted on TV.

According to WindowsCentral, the game will explore this conflict with a “nuanced narrative” that looks at some of the different participants’ involvement and feature more classic weapons, tech, and gadgets from the era.

Though the report couldn’t corroborate this yet, it relayed some rumors around Activision leaning into big Early Access benefits for pre-orders this time around, including time-gating some game modes not just for days, but weeks. There will also be a round-based zombie mode and, quite naturally, a Warzone tie-in.

Treyarch has reportedly worked on this game for longer than any previous Call of Duty title, so a similar lackluster performance as the rushed Modern Warfare 3 delivered should be averted.

This upcoming Black Ops game will be the first Call of Duty title to launch after the end of the exclusive marketing deal between Activision and Sony, so PS5 players likely won’t get any of the extra benefits they’ve grown accustomed to.