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Proximity Chat is a feature newly introduced in Call of Duty with the release of Warzone 2 and DMZ, the battle royale and extraction takes on the popular franchise. Players not only make use of the functionality to communicate with their squad members in the first-person shooter, but find ever more clever ways of taking advantage of it in an aggressive manner.

For example, there have been recorded instances of players trying to turn off their opponents’ consoles by sending voice commands over Proximity Chat, though this particular avenue of attack does not seem to be very fruitful. The classic “pretend to be friendly just to murder them from behind” is probably a better choice than trying to commandeer your opponent’s hardware.

However, one player has now showcased a far more devious usage of tactical Proximity Chat in a post on Reddit. User ZappaBeefheart and their squad got into a firefight in the DMZ mode and lost one of their members to the onslaught.

Ingeniously, ZappaBeefheart then made use of a soundboard to play the revive sound over Proximity Chat, fooling the enemy into thinking they had the perfect opportunity to push forward and finish them off for good.

Unfortunately for the unsuspecting foes, who probably expected to pick off someone trying to revive their team mate, it turned out to be a cunning trap and they were gunned down as they greedily rushed around the corner.

Reactions from fellow players online are quite mixed, both praising the cleverness of this tactic and condemning its sheer deviousness.

You should definitely watch out for more players trying to replicate this move from now on, so be sure to listen very carefully and keep an eye on any microphone symbols popping up on your screen – it might make the difference between staying alive and falling into a trap.