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Update (15.04.2023): CK3 AGOT is out and you can download it from this Steam Workshop page or from this Nexus Mods page.

The developers are currently working to resolve some issues with the download from Nexus Mods, so if you don't have Crusader Kings 3 on Steam you may have to be a little more patient and wait until the team has fixed the download.

Original (14.04.2023): It’s a big day for any Crusader Kings 3 player and Game of Thrones fan, because CK3 AGOT, a highly-anticipated total conversion mod for Paradox Interactive’s grand strategy and RPG hybrid, finally becomes playable around 10am PT / 1pm ET / 6pm BST / 7pm CEST on April 14, 2023.

The passionate developers, who’ve worked years on their vision for the mod set in George R. R. Martin’s A Song of Ice and Fire world, are still tinkering with the content even hours before they want to launch it. One of the developers, who goes by BlownKapz on Reddit, now revealed that they were working on nothing less than customized fingernails for Aerys II. Targaryen, better known as the Mad King.

It looks like a joking comment from a user made about a month ago prompted the last-minute addition: “0/10 Aerys has normal fingernails, literally unplayable,” commented RonenSalathe on the mod’s subreddit page. Now, 26 days later and only hours away from CK3 AGOT’s launch, BlownKapz got back to them: “I want you to know I saw this comment and am making Aerys’ nails as we speak. You did this. The burden of agot_aerys_nails.mesh existing rests solely on your shoulders.”

At 4:15am their time, BlownKapz posted a picture with the finished Aerys model, now with the disgusting long fingernails described in the books and depicted in the HBO series. That’s not where the odyssey stopped, though.

The developer only noticed after posting the model that one of the fingernails didn’t align correctly and announced players would have to wait for a fix for the first patch, since the release build had already been packaged – fortunately, though, they erred about that last part and the fix made it into the launch version, which means we’ll get to enjoy the visual consequence of the Mad King’s extensive paranoia while diving into Westerosi politics.

With an active and passionate mod team like this, CK3 AGOT seems to have a bright future. You’ll be able to download CK3 AGOT on the Steam Workshop a bit later today.