Crusader Kings 3: Roads to Power arrives in September 2024

Time to go on another “Restore the Roman Empire” run
Paradox Interactive

Roads to Power, the next major expansion coming to Crusader Kings 3, will be released on September 24, 2024, Paradox Interactive announced. 

This DLC, which is part of the game’s Chapter 3 Expansion Pass, has two exciting focus points: One is the introduction of systems and events specific to the Byzantine Empire and the second is the introduction of a wanderer playstyle, allowing players to be a noble adventurer on the road who either settles down in a far-away corner of the world or simply continues on their journey without ever taking lands and titles for themselves.

The history of the Eastern Roman Empire, better known as the Byzantine Empire after Rome’s fall, is ripe with intrigues, betrayals, wars, and people rising from obscurity to absolute power – in other words: It’s a perfect setting for a game like Crusader Kings 3. Hitherto, of course, playing as part of the empire didn’t feel all too special due to the absence of unique mechanics to make it different from playing in Western Europe. With Roads to Power, starts in the Byzantine Empire should gain a completely different dynamic and feel much more flavorful.

A new administrative government type will reflect the non-feudal nature of the empire, which is instead ruled by governors that need to be kept under control by the emperor in Constantinople. The monarch will be able to use their own influence to choose a successor or even name a co-ruler, should the burdens of power grow too heavy to carry alone. Each house in the empire will have access to a Family Estate, a new type of holding that can be expanded over time.

Examples like Harald Hardrada, a Viking adventurer serving first in Kiev and then in Byzantium’s famous Varangian Guard before finally becoming the King of Norway later in life, are likely what inspired Roads to Power’s second focus. Though uncommon, talented and lucky people could rise to prominence in the medieval world, attaining power and fame beyond their imagination – and the Byzantine Empire’s turbulent political scene was one arena in which such developments were very much possible.

A new influence mechanic will allow for exactly this, enabling characters to amass power, climb the ladder, and make a bid for the empire itself.

Marco Wutz


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