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Crusader Kings 3 roadmap for 2024 revealed

Here’s how Chapter 3 of everyone’s favorite intrigue simulator looks
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Paradox Interactive has revealed the Crusader Kings 3 expansion roadmap for 2024 featuring two larger expansions as well as another Event Pack. Like Chapter 1 and 2, Chapter 3 will be available for purchase in a bundle that contains all the content coming out this year, but users can obtain every content pack separately as well.

It looks like the developer has ambitious plans this year with one Major Expansion (on the scale of last year’s Tours & Tournaments), one Core Expansion (a brand-new category somewhere between Flavor Pack and Major Expansion in scale), an Event Pack, and a Cosmetic Pack for those purchasing the Chapter 3 bundle.

Crusader Kings 3 trailer screenshot of a dying king.

The Black Death and Byzantium will be on the table for Crusader Kings 3 in 2024.

CK3 Chapter 3: Cosmetic Pack

The Cosmetic Pack Couture of the Capets is tailored around the French aristocracy this time around, containing a truly royal couture that looks very lavish indeed, practically dripping with gold.

CK3 Chapter 3: Core Expansion

On March 4, 2024, the Core Expansion Legends of the Dead will add to your ability to celebrate your forebears and enhance the prestige of your bloodline by using the power of propaganda. At the same time, though, the Black Death is stretching its fingers towards your world.

Here is what the official description says about Legends of the Dead:

Turn yourself into a figure of legend in this Core Expansion, where great feats and effective propaganda can enhance the power of your bloodline through the centuries. Direct the course of your dynastic legend through Court Chroniclers, and use your growing reputation to build a lasting material legacy. But beware of the growing threat from distant lands as the Black Death builds a legendary legacy of its own.

CK3 Chapter 3: Major Expansion

Roads to Power is the Major Expansion of the year and will finally focus on what everyone’s been waiting for: the Byzantine Empire. Get ready to don the purple and reclaim Rome’s glory.

Here is what the official description says about Roads to Power:

The majesty of the Byzantine Empire takes center stage in this Major Expansion. Rule from Constantinople through a new Administrative Government form and experience various Byzantine-themed events and flavors. Or, be truly daring and live a life where your noble reputation is not tied to the land, roaming the map as an adventurer for hire.

CK3 Chapter 3: Event Pack

Rounding things off is the Event Pack Wandering Nobles, which introduces a new Lifestyle to specialize your character in. Here is what the official description says about Wandering Nobles:

Building on the travel system introduced with Tours & Tournaments, this event pack introduces a new Travel Lifestyle and new ways and reasons to travel – incidents and stories related to roaming far from the safety of your court.

With how transformative Tours & Tournaments has been for CK3 last year, fans of the game can be hopeful for these upcoming expansions.